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Our food: Gatos food will be defined as a mix of tasty food with caribbean and mexican flavors all of our plates will be influenced by latin cuisine.

Using those latin flavors as a base, we are trying to bring something new to our area where consistency is our priority. We will not claim to be “authentic” either Caribbean or Mexican as we understand that "authentic" will be just different opinions as to what authentic food really is.

We will simply bring you tasty food from those regions with a modern touch and a clear sense of the freshness that is characteristic on that kind of food.

We made a commitment to serve fresh food “ONLY” we made our kitchen a “Microwave Free” zone and we mean it. That is why we are willing to open from Thursdays and make sure that Monday - Wednesday we prepare to bring you only fresh food.

Although our approach to freshness is considered “financially risky” according to the restaurant business standards, we believe that making food with integrity is more important.

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